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aws() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.cached.CdRegion
aws() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.fake.FkRegion
aws() - Method in interface com.jcabi.s3.Region
Get a client.
aws() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.Region.Simple
aws() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.retry.ReRegion


Bucket - Interface in com.jcabi.s3
Amazon S3 bucket.
bucket() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.cached.CdOcket
bucket(String) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.cached.CdRegion
bucket() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.fake.FkOcket
bucket(String) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.fake.FkRegion
bucket() - Method in interface com.jcabi.s3.Ocket
Get bucket we're in.
bucket() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.Ocket.Empty
bucket() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.Ocket.Text
bucket(String) - Method in interface com.jcabi.s3.Region
Get bucket.
bucket(String) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.Region.Simple
bucket() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.retry.ReOcket
bucket(String) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.retry.ReRegion
Bucket.Prefixed - Class in com.jcabi.s3
Creates bucket with specified origin bucket and prefix.
Bucket.Prefixed(Bucket, String) - Constructor for class com.jcabi.s3.Bucket.Prefixed
Public ctor.


CdBucket - Class in com.jcabi.s3.cached
Cached bucket.
CdBucket(Bucket) - Constructor for class com.jcabi.s3.cached.CdBucket
Public ctor.
CdOcket - Class in com.jcabi.s3.cached
Cached ocket.
CdOcket(Ocket) - Constructor for class com.jcabi.s3.cached.CdOcket
Public ctor.
CdRegion - Class in com.jcabi.s3.cached
Cached region.
CdRegion(Region) - Constructor for class com.jcabi.s3.cached.CdRegion
Public ctor.
com.jcabi.s3 - package com.jcabi.s3
Amazon S3 object layer.
com.jcabi.s3.cached - package com.jcabi.s3.cached
Cached objects.
com.jcabi.s3.fake - package com.jcabi.s3.fake
Fake classes.
com.jcabi.s3.retry - package com.jcabi.s3.retry
Auto-retry classes.
compareTo(Bucket) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.Bucket.Prefixed
compareTo(Bucket) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.cached.CdBucket
compareTo(Ocket) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.cached.CdOcket
compareTo(Bucket) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.fake.FkBucket
compareTo(Ocket) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.fake.FkOcket
compareTo(Ocket) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.Ocket.Empty
compareTo(Ocket) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.Ocket.Text
compareTo(Bucket) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.retry.ReBucket
compareTo(Ocket) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.retry.ReOcket


exists() - Method in interface com.jcabi.s3.Bucket
Checks if the bucket exists.
exists() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.Bucket.Prefixed
exists() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.cached.CdBucket
exists() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.cached.CdOcket
exists() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.fake.FkBucket
exists() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.fake.FkOcket
exists() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.Ocket.Empty
exists() - Method in interface com.jcabi.s3.Ocket
Check whether this S3 object exists.
exists() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.Ocket.Text
exists() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.retry.ReBucket
exists() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.retry.ReOcket


file() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.fake.FkOcket
Get my file.
FkBucket - Class in com.jcabi.s3.fake
Mock/fake bucket.
FkBucket(File, String) - Constructor for class com.jcabi.s3.fake.FkBucket
FkOcket - Class in com.jcabi.s3.fake
Mock/fake ocket.
FkOcket(File, String, String) - Constructor for class com.jcabi.s3.fake.FkOcket
FkRegion - Class in com.jcabi.s3.fake
Mock/fake region.
FkRegion(File) - Constructor for class com.jcabi.s3.fake.FkRegion


key() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.cached.CdOcket
key() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.fake.FkOcket
key() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.Ocket.Empty
key() - Method in interface com.jcabi.s3.Ocket
Get object key.
key() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.Ocket.Text
key() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.retry.ReOcket


list(String) - Method in interface com.jcabi.s3.Bucket
List object names with a given prefix.
list(String) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.Bucket.Prefixed
list(String) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.cached.CdBucket
list(String) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.fake.FkBucket
list(String) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.retry.ReBucket


meta() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.cached.CdOcket
meta() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.fake.FkOcket
meta() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.Ocket.Empty
meta() - Method in interface com.jcabi.s3.Ocket
Object metadata.
meta() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.Ocket.Text
meta() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.retry.ReOcket


name() - Method in interface com.jcabi.s3.Bucket
Get bucket name.
name() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.Bucket.Prefixed
name() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.cached.CdBucket
name() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.fake.FkBucket
name() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.retry.ReBucket


ocket(String) - Method in interface com.jcabi.s3.Bucket
Get object.
ocket(String) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.Bucket.Prefixed
ocket(String) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.cached.CdBucket
ocket(String) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.fake.FkBucket
Ocket - Interface in com.jcabi.s3
Amazon S3 object abstraction.
ocket(String) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.retry.ReBucket
Ocket.Empty - Class in com.jcabi.s3
Ocket with no content at all.
Ocket.Empty() - Constructor for class com.jcabi.s3.Ocket.Empty
Ocket.Text - Class in com.jcabi.s3
Unicode text S3 object with supplementary functions.
Ocket.Text(Ocket) - Constructor for class com.jcabi.s3.Ocket.Text
Public ctor.
OcketNotFoundException - Exception in com.jcabi.s3
When ocket is not found in bucket.
OcketNotFoundException(String, AmazonS3Exception) - Constructor for exception com.jcabi.s3.OcketNotFoundException
Public ctor.


read(OutputStream) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.cached.CdOcket
read(OutputStream) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.fake.FkOcket
read(OutputStream) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.Ocket.Empty
read(OutputStream) - Method in interface com.jcabi.s3.Ocket
Read content.
read() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.Ocket.Text
Read content as string.
read(OutputStream) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.Ocket.Text
read(OutputStream) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.retry.ReOcket
ReBucket - Class in com.jcabi.s3.retry
Region that retries a few times before giving up.
ReBucket(Bucket) - Constructor for class com.jcabi.s3.retry.ReBucket
Public ctor.
region() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.Bucket.Prefixed
region() - Method in interface com.jcabi.s3.Bucket
Get region we're in.
region() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.cached.CdBucket
region() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.fake.FkBucket
Region - Interface in com.jcabi.s3
Amazon S3 abstraction.
region() - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.retry.ReBucket
Region.Simple - Class in com.jcabi.s3
Simple implementation.
Region.Simple(String, String) - Constructor for class com.jcabi.s3.Region.Simple
Public ctor.
remove(String) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.Bucket.Prefixed
remove(String) - Method in interface com.jcabi.s3.Bucket
Delete object from bucket.
remove(String) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.cached.CdBucket
remove(String) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.fake.FkBucket
remove(String) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.retry.ReBucket
ReOcket - Class in com.jcabi.s3.retry
Ocket that retries a few times before giving up.
ReOcket(Ocket) - Constructor for class com.jcabi.s3.retry.ReOcket
Public ctor.
ReRegion - Class in com.jcabi.s3.retry
Region that retries a few times before giving up.
ReRegion(Region) - Constructor for class com.jcabi.s3.retry.ReRegion
Public ctor.


write(InputStream, ObjectMetadata) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.cached.CdOcket
write(InputStream, ObjectMetadata) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.fake.FkOcket
write(InputStream, ObjectMetadata) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.Ocket.Empty
write(String) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.Ocket.Text
Write content as string.
write(String, String) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.Ocket.Text
Write content as string, with a specified content type.
write(InputStream, ObjectMetadata) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.Ocket.Text
write(InputStream, ObjectMetadata) - Method in interface com.jcabi.s3.Ocket
Write new content to the object.
write(InputStream, ObjectMetadata) - Method in class com.jcabi.s3.retry.ReOcket
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