• 0.19.0

Cached Reading of S3 Content

To avoid multiple reading of the same content, use `CdRegion`:

import com.jcabi.s3.Bucket;
import com.jcabi.s3.Region;
import com.jcabi.s3.cached.CdRegion;
public class Main {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    Region region = new CdRegion(
      new Region.Simple("key", "secret")
    Bucket bucket = region.bucket("my.example.com");
    Ocket.Text ocket = new Ocket.Text(bucket.ocket("test.txt"));
    System.out.println(ocket.read()); // reads from AWS S3 server
    System.out.println(ocket.read()); // will be taken from cache
    ocket.write("hello!"); // cached cleaned automatically
    System.out.println(ocket.read()); // again reads from AWS